covery Lab house a range of products designed to enhance physical and mental recovery from the demands of exercise, training and everyday stresses and strains. They give people the tools and know-how to perform at their peak, feel better and cope better in their athletic pursuits, careers and personal lives. We were tasked with undergoing a complete brand refresh to better reflect their strategy and why they exist.

The Challenge

– Recovery Lab needed a brand refresh to better reflect the market and their strategy

– Develop a brand that is all-encompassing for a broader market, not just for athletes

– Develop a brand that can be applied across multiple franchises nationwide

The Solution

Relax, recover, rejuvenate and repair is what Recovery Lab is all about. So, we created the brand with this mind, a brand that targets the stresses of everyday life, tired muscles and general wellbeing. We did this by using bold and dynamic photography of landscapes and textures to bring life into the studio space. Creating an escape from reality, the brand has resonated well with its clients giving them enlightened experiences built to last.