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  • Brand Refresh  
  • Promotional Design  
the brief

Coastal Jam is an electronic music festival held in venues across several of Victoria’s iconic coastal towns. Settling in Geelong, Warrnambool, Torquay, and Barwon Heads for 2022, the festival has celebrated Australia’s historic surf and music culture for several years. Needing a design rebrand, we were tasked to refresh Coastal Jam’s logo and develop 7 different flyers for 7 separate locations that stayed true to the brand’s heritage whilst taking them into the present day. 


Honour the surf and music heritage of Coastal Jam whilst modernising the look and feel of the brand. 

Bring a point of differentiation to each location’s poster whilst maintaining overall consistency with the brand’s fresh look and feel.

Refresh Coastal Jam’s logo without making it unrecognisable to their audience. 


We approached the logo and posters with playful minimalism that drew upon the summery aesthetics of 80s Australian surf and music culture. Our logo concepts simplified the original sun and surf design elements into a neat, circular shape. The posters illustrated each location’s venue, including playful elements and RGB friendly pastels to optimise their reach and reception. 


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