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the brief

Recovery Lab house a range of products designed to enhance physical and mental recovery from exercise, training and everyday stresses and strains. They give people the tools and knowledge to perform at their peak, feel better and cope better in their athletic pursuits, careers, and personal lives. We were tasked with undergoing a complete brand refresh to reflect on their strategy and why they exist. 


– Recovery Lab needed a brand refresh to reflect the market and their strategy better 

– Develop a brand that is all-encompassing for a broader market, not just for athletes 

– Develop a brand that can be applied across multiple franchises nationwide 


Symbolically, we saw One Training as a missing puzzle piece for many people left out of traditional modes of learning. We represented this vision of ‘unity overcoming difference’ by working with circular shapes (reminiscent of a pie chart or ‘the circle of life’) and including human-centred design. The colour palette speaks to One Training’s matured vibrancy by drawing upon the feeling of learning something new and their established experience within the teaching industry.  


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