After what seemed like a year characterised by uncertainty, complexity and un-met expectations, we’re looking for order within this new chaotic world. This new direction will try to break down traditional rules, looking into the future to create a revolutionised version of the current norm. As Franklin Till highlights within PANTONE’S VIEWPOINT COLOUR – 08, NEW HORIZONS, the palette HYBRID HUES will represent the dawn of a new era – one of “positivity, optimism, freedom and expression.” Inspired by remnants of past generations and conflicting social influences brought forth by humans born in the 000’s, these shades will redefine the way we create this year.

As the weather cools down and summer trends begin to fall, we will be exposed to more oxymoronic palettes and failed fashion fads, with colour clashing becoming the new norm and a mix of Athleisure and Normcore to create a comfort level we could only dream of. These unique murky blends will inspire new timid textures, outlandish shapes, and juxtaposed effects on prints seen to be rising to the top of the washing pile. 

Gen Z has already taken these trends with grace, adopting an “anti-company” style characterised by gender-neutral colours and convenience-driven items from their local op shops, over-priced vintage stores and 90’s pieces from their parent’s basements. 

This new direction will inevitably send Millennials into a spiral of systematic aging, causing them to look inward and acknowledge the fact that they are, in fact, getting old. This generation has been so heavily analysed their entire life that they’ve been conditioned to think they were the drivers of cultural change. So when a new one, such as Gen Z, piggybacks off of trends that they’ve “created”, it’s hard for them to accept.

However, this stir is nothing new as generations have been mixing and matching trends for years to try and make movement and find meaning. This disruptive palette will help create connection between the two, reflecting a positive awakening after a year we are all trying to forget.

Combining 1960’s Mod-Madness with the Jeweled Musings of the 1990s, HYBRID HUES reflects what once was, playing tribute to multiple generational trends and giving us order to this new chaotic world of ours.

Hybrid Hues highlighted in Viewpoint Colour 08 – NEW HORIZONS. Photo excerpted with permission from Viewpoint Colour 08 – NEW HORIZONS. Images: Dries van Noten Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, MSGM Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, Jan Černý Spring/Summer 2021